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The Good Garage Scheme was formed because of the need for effective self-regulation of independent workshops and MOT centres. Motorists can use the website to find a trustworthy garage in their area to service, repair or carry out an MOT.


Garages that join the scheme:


  Adhere to a strict Code of Conduct and pledge to have their customers’ best interests at heart


   Must agree what work needs doing with their customers before it is carried out


   Work to an Industry Standard Checklist


    Must supply each customer with a feedback card allowing them to give their views on service directly to the Good Garage Scheme, which operates a stringent complaints procedure


    Are subject to regular mystery shopper-style audits and face expulsion if they break the Code of Conduct



The initiative has gone from strength to strength, with member garages carrying out on average 67,666 services a month, generating over 6,000 feedbacks from consumers per month – allowing the garages a valuable insight into their performance as seen through the eyes of the customer. The Good Garage Scheme takes a strong line with its members and has removed over 900 garages from the scheme.

What guarantees do you have? Help is at hand if you feel you need further explanation of what went on during your car’s service and we have a formal complaints procedure if you feel things need to be taken further.

The Good Garage Scheme monitors customer feedback and receives as many as 6,000 plus customer feedbacks per month. These provide extremely valuable testimonials from customers as well as highlighting any concerns they have which we would take up directly with the garages involved. The feedbacks are posted on the Good Garage Scheme website to help motorists choose a suitable member garage.

In addition, the Good Garage Scheme offers to liaise with motorists who may have issues with member garages so that these are resolved.


The Good Garage Scheme is administered by Forté

The Good Garage Scheme is administered by Forté and is dedicated to driving up standards in the car servicing and car repair market. Member garages use Forté products to remove contamination from engines during each service to help them work efficiently.

Forté products are specialist products only available to garage professionals and are not for retail sale.

For more information about Forté products, please visit


For more information about your consumer rights, please visit the following sites:

Citizens Advice Bureau

Trading Standards



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