Industry Standard Service Checklist

Industry Standard Service Checklist

What is included in a car service?

Whether you are having an smaller service or standard service on your car, Good Garage Scheme members offer all customers a clear description of what has been carried out.

They will offer a choice of at least two types of service
(Interim and Standard) and explain which one your car needs according to the mileage you have done.

When the work is complete, Garage Scheme members will provide customers with a checklist report detailing what has been carried out on an Interim Service or a Standard Service

This is proof of what has been carried out and acts as a Guarantee.

If you are unsure of any item on the checklist, speak with your Good Garage Scheme technician who will be able to explain it further.

Remember, an MOT is not a service and passing the MOT test will not ensure that your engine is running as efficiently as it should.

Regular servicing will help minimise costly and unexpected repairs.




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