The Good Garage Scheme: How To Check Your Oil How To Check Your Oil

How To Check Your Oil

Checking your oil is an easy job.

Don't wait for the oil light to come on.


Step 1










With your car parked on level ground, warm your engine up to operating temperature, then stop the engine long enough for the oil level to settle.


Step 2










Lift the bonnet and pull out the dipstick.


Step 3










Wipe the dipstick clean, then replace.



Step 4










Remove dipstick again and read oil level - ideally the level should be between the minimum and maximum markers.




Step 5










If the oil level is close to or below the minimum marker, then your oil needs topping up.



Top ups must be with the correct Grade of engine oil for your vehicle.

Check your manual for further information or click here to check with the Oil Selector tool.

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