The Good Garage Scheme: BMW BMW


A car of the quality of a BMW needs specialist, dedicated care to maintain it in first class condition. The older a car becomes, the more important it is to have it looked after to keep it performing at its best. As the owner of a BMW you'll naturally want the reassurance of knowing that it's in good hands.

An extensive network of knowledgeable Good Garage Scheme members specialising in the BMW marque are awaiting your call. In choosing a specialist member, you will be offered greater attention to fine detail, specialist tooling and diagnostic equipment, and extensive knowledge developed over years of genuine interest in BMWs. Be sure to book your car in for a service and enjoy the true benefit of hands on experience and dedication.

Good Garage Scheme members can also carry out all BMW servicing and repairs during a vehicle's warranty period without invalidating warranty conditions.

Today's engines are highly sophisticated and technically engineered. The vast majority of driveability concerns identified are caused by fuel and oil borne contamination, formed by natural degradation or via the combustion process. Below we have highlighted some common driveability concerns that can be quickly and effectively treated by our Good Garage Scheme members.


   BMW 318: engine knocking.
   BMW 3 Series: notchy power steering.
   BMW 3 Series: manual gearbox stiff from cold.
   BMW 5 Series: recurring air conditioning odour issue.
   BMW 7 Series: poor starting from cold.
   BMW various models: 5 speed gearbox baulking.
   BMW various models: premature wear in diesel injector pump.

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