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COVID 19 News

Date: 14 April 2020

With garages deemed an essential service, wherever safe and possible to do so, member garages are open for business. Motorists are advised to use the website as usual to find a local Good Garage Scheme member and contact them to check on any updates on their opening hours.

Key workers need to be kept working, and garages can serve well by keeping them safely on the road.


Due to coronavirus the requirement to have a valid MOT has been suspended, and so vehicles can now operate on the road for a short period without a valid MOT.

However, whilst a vehicle may now be used on the road without a valid MOT, the owner of the vehicle still has a duty to the insurer, to pedestrians and other road users to ensure that the vehicle is maintained and roadworthy.

Motorists are advised to contact their local Good Garage Scheme if they have any concerns about their vehicle.

Please check with Good Garage Scheme members as some are offering a pick up and drop-off service for those in need.

Please stay safe. 



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