Is your car ready for the school run?

Date: 28 August 2018

With this in mind, the Good Garage Scheme is encouraging motorists to have their cars professionally checked as term begins.

Good Garage Scheme workshops across the UK can offer motorists peace of mind by providing an expert 21-point assessment of their vehicle’s condition. All essential areas of the car are examined, including the condition and level of the coolant and engine oil, the tyres, wiper blades, windscreen and lights, in readiness for the wet and cold months ahead.  Not doing so can increase the risk of having an accident, especially if a car’s tyre pressures are low, making it hard to maintain grip and easier to skid in wet conditions.

The message we give to our children to "see and been seen"  is also important to drivers as the daylight hours get shorter, making it essential to ensure that all bulbs are working correctly.

The vehicle check also includes an inspection of the air conditioning and ventilation system and, if required, a sterilising and deodorising service to ensure effective window demisting and safeguard against nasty bugs and bacteria in the passenger compartment. Good Garage Scheme member garages can help motorists cut their fuel bills by as much as 14 per cent, whether they’re filling with petrol or diesel, by cleaning and lubricating the fuel system to improve engine efficiency and reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. 

With diesel cars and tougher MOT emissions tests in the spotlight, the Good Garage Scheme can also help drivers of these vehicles with expert advice as well as a Complete Cleaning Solution to keep them clean and running smoothly.
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