Spring Check Offer

Date: 07 April 2014

As the UK emerges from the wettest winter since records began, the Good Garage Scheme is urging motorists to get their cars professionally checked to ensure they are safe and reliable in the months ahead.  The extreme wet weather conditions have taken their toll on the nations already pothole-ridden roads, increasing the risk of vehicle damage from debris such as mud, stones and tree branches, as well as potholes.  These conditions can have an adverse effect on a car’s vital components including the steering, suspension, wheels and tyres, as well as wiper blades, lights and heating systems that have been used extensively in the wet and windy weather.
Available from member workshops across the UK, the Good Garage Scheme’s 21-point Spring Check provides an expert assessment of a vehicle’s condition, covering essential areas including the condition the brakes, tyres, wiper blades, windscreen and lights, as well as the coolant and engine oil.  With the first day of spring on 20th March and the prospect of warmer weather, the Good Garage Scheme is also recommending that motorists think about getting their air conditioning systems checked and cleansed.  Harmful bacteria and mould may have built up in the ducts of car ventilation systems during the recent damp conditions, posing a health risk to drivers by circulating unpleasant bugs into the car.
Angelo Chillari, the Good Garage Scheme’s Administrator, comments: “The wettest winter on record may well have taken its toll on vital car components such as the brakes, tyres and wiper blades.  The Good Garage Scheme’s Spring Check aims to address this, giving motorists the confidence that their car is in top condition as the days start to get longer and the weather hopefully starts to improve.”

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